About Paula

Paula OleskaPaula Oleska, M.A., started twenty years ago to spread the knowledge of amazing new techniques with gentle but powerful transformational ability. Having built her own successful consulting business around those techniques, she has always been in the forefront of finding the best management practices. Now, she can offer them to you along with the most up-to-date techniques that activate the brain for optimal performance.

She has worked with employees of American Express, Morgan Stanley, Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of America as well as with numerous consultants, sales people and business owners, helping them improve their financial results and effectiveness on the job. Her work has been referenced in a number of publications, including Newsday, Westchester Business Journal and Long Island Business. She has also done multiple television and radio interviews on brain-based development of emotional intelligence and other ways to maximize brain power. She has recently published a book on improving memory, Memory Moves, and is currently working on a new book dealing with anger management and prevention.

Ms. Oleska serves on the faculties of Baruch College School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Teachers Effectiveness Institute, Chesapeake Beach Seminars as well as the new York Open Center and the Learning Annex. Based on her extensive knowledge of the human brain and its development, she has created a new modality, Brain Upgrade, and used it to design new, proprietary seminars for stress reduction, anger management, communication skills, and, most recently, for improving earning power. Brain Upgrade also yields rapid results in the development of intellectual and creative abilities, behavior modification, work performance and even in sports performance.

Ms. Oleska’s background is in the field of specialized kinesiology, a new discipline studying and utilizing the body-mind connection, which synthesizes ancient Chinese principles with recent western discoveries, especially in neuroscience. Addionally, she has extensively studied many movement and exercise systems, exploring the relationship between movement and brain development. She has also studied psychology, physiology and many spiritual and personal growth modalities.

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  1. Hi! I met you last week at a networking event presented by DoItInPerson.com, As promised, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Rochele Cooper Schneider. I could not find a e-mail address for you in order to make an introduction. If you would like me to still make a intro. Please send. Please find below more information on Rochelle.
    Rochelle Cooper, Ph.D.
    Rochelle Cooper has successfully coached over 600 leaders and trained over 1400 executives and managers in Fortune 500 companies across many industries, such as JPMorganChase, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Estee Lauder, Metropolitan Life, Novartis, Pfizer, Prudential, Sony and Time Warner.

    Founder and CEO, Rochelle has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and has spent the last 22 years advising and coaching leaders and teams to achieve success in their roles. She enables leaders to attain high impact through value-added Executive Coaching, Team-building, and Organizational Assessment.

    She founded Cooper Management Consulting in 1995 and has been dedicated to ensuring the success of her clients. She holds an excellent track record in empowering leaders to reach their goals by either jumpstarting leader success in new roles, building leadership potential for advancement or developing critical skills to master a current role. She also has extensive experience team-building and is passionate about engaging teams to develop greater working effectiveness and purpose and build high performance capability. She has facilitated over 250 high level team sessions. In addition, Rochelle designs and delivers high-impact leadership development training in the areas of Team-Building, Building Key Alliances and Strategy, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Diversity, Change Management and Conflict Resolution. She has designed and delivered over 140 leadership training programs and through the American Management Association, developed 3 national programs that are run several times a year,.

    She has held positions at JPMorganChase, where she was Director of Organizational Development, creating organizational effectiveness programs and consulting with line managers and Bell Labs, where she was an Assessment Center Expert on measuring leadership potential. For the last nine years, Rochelle has been on the faculty of Hofstra University’s Frank Zarb School of Business, where she teaches Executive Leadership Skills in the Executive MBA and traditional MBA programs. Dr. Cooper has published articles in several leadership journals, received her MA and BA from Columbia University and is currently a member of the Leadership Council of Barnard College, Columbia University, HANC Board of Education and past president of several local charitable organizations.

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